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© 2019 Suvi Koivusalo

"Don't let them tame you."

- Isadora Duncan 


I'm a London-based multilingual actor who loves singing and dancing. I'm currently concentrating on immersive, improvisational and Forum theatre, though I'm always up for some interesting camera work as well.


I also work as an actor in corporate trainings.


See my full resume and About Me - video in 5 languages on Spotlight.

Actor Showreel 

Action Clip



Creativity, Communication & Co-Creation

I help people dance with their inborn creativity and find the best ways of communicating with one another and getting their message across. I teach techniques on how to enjoy interacting with colleagues, customers, and strangers, and to feel confident in communicating visually, vocally and verbally.


More information on Game Captains



I talk about themes that matter to me - creativity and leadership, following your dreams and whether that's a good idea or not, and our responsibilities as storytellers. My talks are meaningful yet entertaining, full of real-life examples, and new ideas to take home with. For me, it ultimately boils down to empowering and inspiring people to take full responsibility for their own lives whether it's about career or personal life choices. More information.



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